Tony Lama (Cowboy Boots) Influencers Seeding Content Creation

The Tony Lama Brand brought us on seed and create content with Macro Influencers and there New Cowboy Boots. This turned out amazing as our Influencer networks we happy to partner. We did this job with our client

@mayastepper - Fashion Model Influencer 496k

@Jessicamichel - Actress Influencer 651k

@Jelena.marija - Fashion Model Blogger Influencer

@isabella 562k Artist Influencer

@Kendall Vertes 6.5 Mil Reality Star Influencer

@Mylifeaseva 5.8 Mil You Tube Star Influencer

@Merrit_pattrsn 138k Actress

Collin Stark
Puma "Cali Style" Sneaker + Micro Influencer PAID Posting Product Seeding

Using La as a Back Drop we created images showing different looks to go with the Influencers Personal Styles. Below is the content we created and show Influencers posts and Videos at the end.

This is a recap of Instagram Stories that were Posted for the Cali Fashion White Sneaker Drop

Collin Stark
Rachel Demita aka @Rademita with Various Brands

We are very fortunate to call Rachel Demita a client. What a pleasure to get to create with her and Adidas Women, Puma, Kind Bar and Others. This post has a lot of content as we have been working with Rachel for the past 2 years. It has been a fun ride to watch her career hit new highs and be a part of her social account growth. We started working with Rachel’s Instagram at 266k and helped it grow to 1.3 million. We reached the 2nd highest engagement rate with her instagram account and Instagram is currently doing a case study to show her success. With posts reaching as high 240k likes per post and the high video of 2.5 mil views. You can see the engagement below featuring 124 posts that we created for her Instagram.

Collin Stark
Puma X Yes Julez - Branded Content for Paid Influencer Posting

Job: To Create Branded Content for Puma x @Yesjulz

Goal: Produce 4 Micro/Macro Influencers to be photographed in Puma Gear; to be posted on the there Instagram Main Page and Instagram Story Page.

Influencer Paid Posting: 1 Image Main Instagram Page + Posting to Instagram Story

Execution: Overall 11 Influencer Post on Main Instagram Page + 37 Instagram Story Post

This is a great example of how Influencers will post more than they are required when the content is excellent and the production is smooth.

Big Thanks to all involved!


Instagram Main Page Influencer Posting


Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Part 1 of 2…we have compressed Video Content into 2 parts

Instagram Stories Part 2 of 2…we have compressed Video Content into 2 parts